Three definitions of the very word meaning you have to understand

As a concept the term meaning can be quite difficult to define.

According to Csikszentmihalyi meaning does not imply that there is only a single universal purpose for everyone to strive for. On the contrary meaning is all about the fact that we all have the possibility and responsibility to bring meaning into our own lives by having clearly defined goals as well as staying focused. The size of these goals and challenges, which we ourselves have to define and identify, is of less importance. 

"As long as the challenge involves clear goals, clear rules of action and allows concentration and commitment, any goal serve to give meaning to life." 

In order to discover the meaning of life, there are three definitions of the very word meaning you have to understand:

  1. The first states that meaning is closely connected to the feeling of determination. The more defined your life purpose is, the easier it is to make a sense of meaning in your life. A life purpose can vary widely from one person to another. For instance Napoleon wanted to gain power more than anything else, whereas Mother Theresa’s main purpose in life was to help less fortunate people through unconditional love. Two widely different life purposes with just as widely different outcomes, but despite the differences both life purposes have given the same feeling of meaning in life for both of them.
  2. The second definition of the word meaning is about intention. You will never succeed in reaching your goals if you do not turn them into action.
  3. The third definition concerns the balance and harmony you achieve by actively trying to bring meaning to your life. 
“Someone who knows his desires and works with a purpose to achieve them is a person whose feelings, thoughts, and actions are congruent with one another, and is therefore a person who has achieved inner harmony.”  

In order to give your life meaning you consequently have to be goal-oriented, focused and at peace with yourself. In this way you will be prepared to face your life challenges in the best possible way and thus several steps closer to creating a recurring experience of flow throughout your life.

Jesper OutzenComment