5 reasons to invest time in making work meaningfu

An organisation consist of people - and people have their own unique values, purpose, goals and needs. Changing over time. Making work meaningful is not an easy task. But we found five reasons to invest time in making work meaningful:

  1. You spend much of your life at work.
    As human beings we need to experience a sense of purpose - also in our working lives. Work is often more than a necessary way to make money. It goes beyond understanding what is our mission and how our tasks should be performed. We also seek to understand and experience why.
  2. Your experience of purpose affects your well-being.
    Experiencing a sense of autonomy, commitment, personal relationships and positive emotions strengthen your well-being. Your well-being prevents stress and illness and promotes results - which in turn improves your well-being and job satisfaction. Conversely, lack of meaning and well-being can lead to absence of results and at worst serious health problems.
  3. We experience meaning differently and create results together.
    What is meaningful to you is not necessarily the same as what is meaningful to your boss or your colleagues. However a common understanding of the purpose and direction of your work is critical for your results. The challenge is to create a clear link and coherence between personal values nd goals and the company's values nd goals.
  4. Your experience of meaning is changing over time.
    Your living conditions, values, strengths etc. changes through life. E.g. what gave you a sense of purpose when you chose your education, your first job or your current job may not be the same as what you consider meaningful today.
  5. You are responsible for your (work)life.
    It is only you who knows what is meaningful to you. You have the freedom and choice to make changes. It is also a choice to do nothing.

We believe the key challenge in making work meaningful is to achieve continuous clarity, cohesion and balance between values, goals and purpose of the organisation/team/role - and values, goals and purpose of the individual person.

A challenge which requires time and effort from both managers and individual employees, and not least an open and trusted working environment that fosters collaboration beyond functional job tasks.

Jesper OutzenComment